The Jin Li Cheng group


Profile of Jin Li Cheng Textile Company LTD

JIN LI CHENG was established in 1990. It started from a small cotton production company. After 25 years of enthusiasts in textile industry and continuous input, we successfully build up a completed industry bases and scale from picking cotton, spinning, weaving to garment production which is professional with jeans and it’s a consistent sign for the trade of domestic and foreign countries.

Now the OE yarn and Ring Spinning Yarn production raed to 30000 tons/year, denim production 25 million meters per year, jeans production reached 5 million/year.

In the present, we have 8 departments and bases, which are Guangzhou Jin Li Cheng Textile factory, Guangzhou KanSheng Textile Co.,Ltd, Dongguang Yiyan Texitle Co.,Ltd, Guangzhou Savage Garment Co.,Ltd, Guangzhou Haoling Garment Co., Ltd, Dongguang Baoshidi Garment Co., Ltd,Guangzhou Zengcheng Feibite Textile Business Department, Guangzhou JiLiCheng Textile Business Department. Each company have its own independent legal qualification and tax units. We are the one of the few enterprises in Xintang areas who is professional to both cotton anf garments.

Our producing equipment is completed and performed excellent. We are one of the leading international and domestic equipment representative for spinning, weaving and garments. We owned equipment for spinning from Germany’s Schlafhorst spinning machine, Swiss Rieters, and Japan Murata. With our weaving equipment, we use Italian K88, Belgium and so on. For garments devices, we use Japan sewing machine and artificial intelligent hanging system with advanced and good quality.

In spinning,  Open end spinning are 4200 spindles , Ring spinning are 10000 spindles , models are as follows:  Swiss Rieter C51 carding machine, RSB - D22 16 sets of drawing frame, RSB - D45 drawing frame , Germany Schlathorst Autocoro 9 Open end spinning machine 3 sets, Autocoro SE12-312 -5sets, SE9-240 machine 5sets , Ring spinning are 10000spindles  , 3 sets japan Winder machine. Now our Yarn production reached 30000 tons/year. From Italy vamatex K88 and Belgium Bicanol Gamax loom 500 sets, denim production reached 25 million meters per year. Jeans, jeans production reached 5 million/year.

Moreover, we always inviting elites from market and build up every professional team under the professional manager. Each department is equipped with the corresponding design research and development organization, the supervision of the quality assurance department, and the production link, foreign sales protocol, and equipped with a professional team of international business. We guaranteed the sufficient human resources by steady production, incentive mechanism and management culture and so on.

In our group, each department will obey Ji Li Cheng headquarters, unified planning and control from purchasing of cotton to garment. Accordingly to market requirements and customers’ orders, we help customers to save their expenses, assure the product quality, product diversification, plentiful goods, and product delivery based on our updated resources. All our departments are independent, and carry out Alibaba Mode while doing business with global customers and keep the competitive advantage and survival ability.

“Golden integrity, win-win interests, create achievements” is our enterprise culture that we always advocate and practice. We will keep promise, sincerity on customer, faith on business, creating benefit for customers. And it’s our compass to develop our group.

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