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Guangzhou City Jin Li Cheng textile business department

Guangzhou City Jin Li Cheng textile sales department is located in the largest China cowboy center, Xintang International Jeans city J4 District of Zengcheng District of Guangzhou City, 390, 391. The gold Li Cheng headquarters. Is the central management mechanism for gold Li Cheng's, is also the largest gold market open window products for Li Cheng mouth.

The main business of fabric sales, two buildings on the main gold Li Cheng fabrics cloth, Xian water plate, plate made of denim pants fabric, and a special gold Li Cheng fabric manufacturing cowboy trendy clothing samples.

Sales Department for the customers to provide clothing proofing board cloth, clothing styles and recommended the final effect, bring to every customer's samples of fabric analysis, introduces the customer counterparts gold Li Cheng fabric products.

Business department with homegrown, the price advantage; its own production base of the initiative, to provide a large amount of fast delivery characteristics; the internal quality of the unified management of production processes, to provide quality stability; large professional R & D team innovation, to provide new products; and all for customer service management; with the customers both at home and abroad cowboy cooperative fabric choice.

Electricity providers on the network, work together to vigorously promote the country's emerging network industries bigger and stronger, contribute to the Bao Shidi dress their own strength.

Guangzhou savage Garment Co., Ltd.

Located in the town of Zengcheng, Xintang Hui King Road, No. 32, the company was founded in March 2008, the main denim, casual apparel production and sales. Eight years of healthy development of struggle and down-to-earth, "cowboy in the surrounding areas of Guangzhou garment industry in Savage clothing", with the most advanced, intelligent garment production equipment, has a strong R & D design team, efficient large-scale garment production capacity for international and domestic famous brand clothing design and processing. The promotion of independent intellectual property rights "savage bull" clothing brand business and growth.

"Savage clothing" to make full use of the total gold company Li Cheng spinning and weaving production base for a full range of resources, different from other clothing company, according to the fabric dyeing and washing process, from the initial cotton began to design clothing required for raw materials, formulation of specific requirements, optimize all aspects of yarn weaving process and production design, from clothing fabric, laid the "foundation savage clothing" high price, high quality, customer satisfaction.

The main equipment for the production of clothing imported equipment, and is equipped with intelligent production line, adequate management team and human resources, scientific garment quality assurance system, won the international brand "Lee" and "Wrangler" long-term cooperation, and the "Semir" "Camel" "Yin" brand or chain corporation to provide all in one service.

"Savage clothing" set up special Jinli become foreign clothing merchants service foreign trade department, a department of foreign trade clothing, foreign trade clothing two, the establishment of professional import and export personnel and research and development, production team, equipped with formal clothing export channels. The use of gold Li Cheng complete industry chain and large amount of production brought to control and autonomy, spinning and weaving, gold in Li Cheng garment production base, the various production processes to tap potential, which can achieve foreign customer price, quality, quantity, delivery time strict requirements, the United States, Southeast Asia, Africa and many customers!

Guangzhou Hao collar Garment Co., Ltd.

"High collar clothing" is Kim Li Cheng strong launch of key enterprises "luxury clothing, clothing collar" R & D department located in Zengcheng Xintang Mayor Feng International office building. The main gold Li Cheng in the United States successfully registered "A&T" brand clothing research and development, production, and promotion. A&T aims to launch domestic physical stores in full swing in the country.

The "A&T" comprehensive strength Gold Li Cheng production base of spinning and weaving, garment industry chain, the scale of production, R & D and resources based on the combination of cowboy clothing international trend of accumulation of experience, according to the physical characteristics of Chinese people, and the people in the travel and sports leisure time, the higher the cowboy clothing and fashion, good wear, portable, nationwide, the entity A&T stores, targeted sales of environmentally friendly, cotton, stretch denim series A&T cowboy clothing, bags and supporting A&T, T elements of a cowboy T-shirt, intended to one-stop shopping places of choice is more and more popular with domestic travel, sports and leisure. Necessary.

"A&T" series of clothing from the cotton choose to start with the environmental health of natural raw materials, from cotton into clothing, and many complicated production process, always focus on how to make the clothing wear, wear comfortable, good experience of cowboy clothing in human skin friendly, flexible and aesthetic lines on the par international famous. The brand "LEE" and "LEVTS" standard production process and quality standards, through a one-stop production control, gave a mass consumption of travel, sports cowboy clothing products.

At present, in the country continue to promote a "A&T store", the products and services, with "15 days unconditional, no reason to return" standard, and "DIY exclusive production" as the representative of the series of special services, as "A&T" Chinese meaning "love him", Jin Licheng Howe LED the team focused on clothing "with the love of my life, do good people wear co

wboy" dream!

Guangzhou city Zengcheng feelbest operating the Department of textiles

Feelbest textile business department is located at Xintang town under Li Cheng Jin Hui Tai Dong Lu, and a window, the main sales of denim fabric, denim fabric is high-grade gold Li Cheng stores.

"Feelbest" is Kim's Li Cheng garment independent accounting unit, the business department general manager responsibility system, technology, production, sales and management personnel equipped with Jin Li Cheng production bases. To provide convenient service for garment fabric buyer in surrounding area.

"Feelbest" Jin Li Cheng's production base integration of excellent resources, the development of marketable products in the market; at the same time, also provide requirements or samples according to customers using gold cloth fabric, Li Cheng leading technology, research and development ability, and industrial chain production base and technical team, looking for technical solutions to customers. And from the market to supplement yarn resources, in their production line to get rapid production. Actively meet customer delivery in time, full supply, quality and price competitive advantage.

Guangzhou City, Zengcheng Jin Li Cheng textile factory

Guangzhou Kangsheng Textile Co. Ltd.

Jin Li Cheng spinning has two production bases, which are located in Zengcheng District, stone town Lixin Road No. 111: Guangzhou City, Zengcheng Jin Li Cheng textile factory is located in Zengcheng; and the town of Xintang Long Yu Yuhua Road No. 12 Guangzhou Kangsheng Textile Co. ltd.. Is a professional production of denim yarn, annual production of more than 10000 tons of enterprise entities

The spinning production base has air spinning and ring spinning two categories, a total of six independent blowingcarding system, the raw materials for the production of cotton, chemical fiber, synthetic fiber, blended with four kinds of air spinning equipment. The main varieties of products, widely covered yarn, denim fabrics of different grade requirements of yarn especially good at mass OE yarn, Siro slub slub and gas development and production, and the production of special blended yarn.

Dongguan wild goose Textile Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Yi Yan Textile Co., Ltd is the production base of Jin Li Cheng started earlier, the backbone of the enterprise, is located in Dongguan City Chudo Zhen Dong Bo Industrial District No. 6, and a joint venture with gold Li Cheng Guangzhou city Kang Sheng Textile Co. Ltd., shared gold Li Cheng fabric weaving production tasks. The surrounding area of Xintang is loom number, can choose type of wide, large professional weaving denim fabric manufacturers, gold and foreign customers Li Cheng denim fabric, with large batch, variety, cost-effective products.

Jin Li Cheng never stop to update weaving equipment and investment, the introduction of Italy, Belgium loom, rapier loom and extensive use of the most advanced (leap, best), through the upgrading of equipment, in hardware, to ensure the high quality of denim fabric and cost competitive advantage.

Dongguan Yi Yan Textile Co. Ltd. perennial saturation production and healthy development, to attract a large number of professionals, have a high education level, efficient management team, and through the mature training or incentive mechanism, and cultivate a group of stable and sufficient staff; a complete set of quality assurance system, so that the gold Li Cheng of denim fabric sales, clothing industry is a powerful guarantee. It is fully affirmed by many fabric processors, is the core power of gold's Li Cheng production base.

Dongguan BOSSE dress Co., Ltd.

"BOSSE Di Li Cheng's dress is gold for the network of cowboy clothing business entities, established in 2014, within a relatively short period of time, with a huge industrial chain resources gold Li Cheng in the denim apparel business, A new force suddenly rises., and has independent clothing registered brand" really Yi Fang "," ancient Zhanlong "," BOSYDDI ". To service network business, mature men buy casual denim clothing primarily. Because of high price, popular fashion, more and more network customers favor.

"BOSSE Di" in Jin Li Cheng's clothing production base of the Dongguan Yi Yan Textile Co. Ltd. factory, make full use of the Jin Li Cheng spinning and weaving clothing industry chain advantages, the company with gold Li Cheng, financial and material resources as the backing, is a different from other electricity providers, there are our one-stop production base entity. All aspects with adequate supply, fast delivery, variety, quality and price than the performance of strong strength. In the network sales performance is reflected.

"BOSSE Di" clothing has a professional R & D team network, and combined with various gold Li Cheng industry chain production team, developed the theme leisure, comfort, beauty and variety, adequate supply, for the choice of various network jeans; there are a number of network marketing planning, and constantly refresh to launch new products carry out various promotions. Sales network and other network providers full of sound and colour. Peer support and cooperation, at present, "BOSSE Di" apparel are trying to put together the market together, the electricity supplier network, advocating national network new industry bigger and stronger, with a "BOSSE Di" clothing of their own strength.

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